President Museveni Advises Farmers To Grow Cassava


President Museveni has advised farmers in Acholi to embark on growing cassava, saying it’s a strategic crop.

Speaking at the launch of a mass cassava growing project in Acholibur sub county in Pader district on Saturday, Museveni said cassava is a great source of food and contributes to the food security of households.

The Acholibur Parish Project [APP] initiated by the Archdiocese of Gulu under the stewardship of Archbishop, John Baptist Odama aims at commercialising cassava growing within and outside Pader district.

The president said despite the food value of cassava, the crop is also used for manufacturing medicine, animal feed, petrol and Bio-fuel for cooking stoves. But Museveni said for cassava growing to thrive, farmers must be calculative to enable them gain maximum profit.

Bukona agro-processors Ltd, a cassava starch based distillery in Nwoya District that uses cassava as raw material has signed a memorandum of understanding to purchase tons of dry cassava cuttings annually from farmers under the Acholibur parish project.

President Museveni Touring Bukona agro-Processors Ltd in Nwoya district

The factory will use cassava to manufacture ethanol, a bio-fuel that is expected to be promoted as an alternative source of fuel other than wood fuel that has seen depletion of forest covers.


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