Lamwo NRM Delegates to Form Committee To Reconcile Warrying


National Resistance Movement-NRM party delegates in Lamwo district have resolved to form an independent committee to resolve internal party wrangles.

The decision was reached during the district delegate’s conference convened by Hillary Onek Obaloker, the Lamwo County Member of Parliament and Relief and Disaster Preparedness Minister.

Hillary Onek Obaloker,

In his letter to the NRM  Party Secretary General that was copied to the National Party Chairman, the Vice party Chairman Northern region, Onek explained that the delegate’s conference was necessitated due to numerous challenges facing the party, which once left unattended too would affect the party support in the district.

According to Onek, the party is currently faced with the emergency of cliques, division, infighting and rivalry among party members that undermine the principle of cohesion that the party has always been known for.

According to the delegates, party members are divided in factions allied to Hilary Onek and the Lamwo District NRM party Chairperson, Mark Okeny who allegedly don’t see eye to eye.

Onek refuted claims of leading any party faction or nursing personnel differences against Okeny, who didn’t attend the meeting.

The delegate’s conference also heard that that the rival party factions are handpicking and supporting candidates from the party, opposition and people power block to contest against candidates loyal to each other’s faction.   


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