Residents Demand Reinstatement of Police at Okidi Post


Residents of Labongo Amida Sub-county in Kitgum District have called for the reinstatement of security personnel at Okidi Police Post.

Two weeks ago, the Kitgum security committee closed down the police post citing limited manpower.

But residents in the area say closure of the police post has seen crime rates increase in the past days leaving lives of people and properties at risk.

Richard Okello, a resident of Okidi Parish in Labongo Amida Sub County says so far two people have been attacked and left with grave injuries within the area by unknown thugs.

The victims are Philip Ocan 18, a resident of Lamola parish in Omuny bul village who was stabbed in the neck two days ago by a suspected goat thief and unidentified woman who was attacked on Tuesday at Chai market in Okidi Parish.

Okello says they are scared that criminals will now take advantage of the absence of police officers to wage attacks at ease minus being apprehended.

William Komakech, the Kitgum Resident District Commissioner says the district currently doesn’t have the capacity to redeploy at Okidi Police Post because police haven’t made any recruitment or received additional personnel.

Komakech notes that he will look into concerns raised by the residents and their leaders to find out how they can be helped.


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