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17 Arrested For Blocking Road In Arua

Police Removing Stones That Were Used For Blocking The Road

17 have been arrested by a joint force of police and Uganda Peoples Defence Forces, following a border conflict between the people of Uriama sub-county in the new Terego district and counterparts in Rigbo Sub County, Madi Okollo district.

Three homes owned by people from Terego were partially destroyed and the occupants chased away by a group from Rigbo Sub County who invaded the area on Thursday claiming its part of Madi Okollo district area.

According to the police, the two groups, some angrily armed with bows, arrows machetes and knives converged at Ocea trading centre and blocked the main road on either side while exchanging verbal insults, among themselves.

Security sources say that the people of Madi were claiming ownership of the trading centre, which has been declared part of the newly created Terego district.

The conflict on the geographical boundaries has reportedly taken more than 20 years since the new districts were still under Arua.

West-Nile region police spokesperson Josephine Angucia said that the joint forces were alerted on time and arrested the 17 suspects.

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