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16 Police, UPDF Officers Arrested For Torture At Elegu

At least 16 members of the security forces are in custody allegedly for torturing 38 suspected commercial sex workers at Elegu town council, in Amuru District.

The suspects that include 10 police officers attached to Field Force unit and six UPDF officers were arrested on Sunday and are being held at Gulu Central police Station and UPDF 4th Division Barracks respectively.

Also in custody is Lance Corporal Awany Abwoli who was the commander of the UPDF unit and ASP Richard Balenzi who was the in charge of the police unit.

They are being accused of brutalizing suspected commercial sex works on April, 2 ,2020 at Elegu town council between 7;00pm-8;00pm causing some of them severe injuries .


Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa River Region Police spokesperson says the group was arrested after pictures of the alleged torture went viral on social media.

On Thursday, the president warned security officers against brutalizing peaceful Ugandans while enforcing the curfew.

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