MAIF Impounds Counterfeits Chemicals in Gulu


Fake agro-chemicals worth over 700,000 were this morning impounded from several agro input shops in Gulu town in an operation involving officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and Uganda Police Force.

The fake agro-chemicals were impounded from six agro input shops including Mak-Kweri Farmer Corner, Okado Farmers Shop, Pur Lonyo Agro Vet, Lapur-Pe-Tur Lute Agro Vet Farmers and Gang-Pur Agro Limited.

Agro-chemicals impounded include Boosters, F. cuprico, Super green, Home care, Bean clean, Kayazinon and Fumet among others.

Okello Deo Latigo, the team leader from the Ministry of Agricultural said most of the dealers were found with expired chemicals including the banned Kayazinon.

According to the agriculture ministry, fake chemicals have a big destructive impact on farming.

If it is a pesticide, the pests will not die even when a farmer applies it regularly.

If it is a herbicide, the grass will just continue growing even after the harmless chemical has been applied.

Consequently, the farmer will notice a decrease in yields and adverse effects on the environment and human life.

Agriculture experts add that fake chemicals accelerate soil deterioration resulting in substantial crop losses and in the larger picture, it affects economic growth.


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