Malaria Cases Drug Shortage In Pader


Pader district is facing a shortage in anti-malaria drugs following an increase in malaria cases.

Anna Apio, the Pader District Health Officer told Mega FM on Tuesday that the cases of malaria have risen to 94% in June from 92% between January and April.

Apio explains that the drug shortage has made most patients resort to buying drugs from clinics on advice from the health facilities.

Bolo health center II, Acholibur health center III, Pajule health center IV, Pader health center III and Acholpii HC IV are the most affected, according to the district health officer.

According to Apio, the district has sent request to neighboring districts who have extra drugs to share with Pader district to respond to the increasing malaria cases.

She added that in response, Abim district has promised to send some drugs this week to support Pader, as the district health department prepares to send emergency requests to national medical stores.


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