Gulu Has Low Uptake Of HPV vaccines


By Tolit Ivan and Ajok Diana

Parents in Gulu are yet to embrace the human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine, a vaccine that reduces ones likelihood of acquiring cervical cancer by 95 percent.

The HPV is a cancer causing virus that is sexually transmitted by men. It can only be stopped by vaccination.

Apparently, girls between 10 and 13 years are vaccinated.

Data from the health ministry shows that a high number of people take the first dose of the vaccine but only a small fraction returns for the second dose.

For Gulu, its stands at 51% for the first dose and 45% for the second dose.

Statistics from the Ministry of health also indicate a drop in the update of the drugs in the past three year (2016-2018).

It is estimated that 115 percent of children got the first dose of the vaccine in 2018 but only 47 percent returned for the second dose.

Gulu acting district health officer Okilangole Jenny Rose Akello attributed the drop to misconception by some parents that it has negative consequences on reproduction health of the recipients.

As a result, the Health Ministry has introduced school immunization registers with the aim of improving completion rates.

The registers will contain names and contact information of all school children within recommended age bracket of 9 to 13.


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