UWA On Spot Over American Tourist Kidnap


Tourism Minister Professor Ephraim Kamuntu has said that the kidnap of an American tourist and a Ugandan tour guide was a result a security glitch by the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

The Tourist; Kimbley Sue Endecott and her Ugandan tour guide Jean Paul Remezo were last Tuesday kidnapped at gunpoint during an evening drive on Edward track between Katooke gate and Wilderness Camp in Kanungu district.

Their captors demanded USD 500,000 (1.8 billion Shillings) ransom.

The duo was released on Sunday evening after what the Ugandan government describes as a joint rescue operation by its security agencies.

In a brief to the media in Masaka district, Minister Kamuntu said that the kidnap was due to a management lapse by the Uganda Wildlife Authority-UWA rangers who he says failed to guide the tourists on the appropriate timing when such a drive could be done.

According to Kamuntu, the tourists arrived at the National park late in the evening and accordingly cornered the guides into allowing them to take a night tour which is against the practices of their operation.

He observed that by allowing to relax their guidelines, the UWA guides unsuspectingly fell into a trap.

He describes this as an isolated incident which should not bother prospective tourists to the country.


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