5 Ways to Block Specific Numbers from Calling or Texting You On Android


Albeit many instant messaging and voice-over-the-internet platforms and services are the most preferred communication methods for many smartphone users, there always will be a place for phone calls, and text messages too. A phone call is, arguably, one of the best ways to check on a person and get prompt real-time responses to questions and information — as long as the person picks up. Text messages too are an integral part of communication and internet security (think: two-factor authentication).

However, despite their importance, a good number of people abuse them: spammers, telemarketers, strangers, and even friends & family. Unwanted calls and messages could get annoying. And one of the best ways to curb them is to restrict the sender/caller access to your number. If you use an Android smartphone, here are some of the ways you can block a number from calling you or sending you text messages.

NOTE: While some of these methods are general, they could vary according to device type, model, version of operating system, phone user interface, manufacturer etc. The methods listed below are to give you an idea of where (and how) to navigate to in your smartphone to block numbers from calling or sending you a text.


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