Deported Wim Vanhelleputte Drags Government of Uganda to Court


Following his deportation back to his home country Belgium on Thursday 14th, Feb. 2019, MTN Uganda boss, Mr. Wim Vanhelleputte is striking back to the Government of Uganda, suing the Attorney General, William Byaruhanga on grounds that his deportation was irrational & illegal.

Mr. Wim departed Uganda at 11PM (EAT) on Thursday 14th, Feb. 2019 aboard Brussels Airlines — leaving the telco with no head. The following morning MTN Group in a press statement released by MTN Uganda stated that it appointed Gordian Kyomukama as the acting CEO.

Now, according to reports by Daily Monitor, Mr. Wim is challenging his deportation.

According to Mr. Wim, his deportation labelled him as an undesirous and prohibited immigrant yet he has been a law abiding citizen and has no trace of a criminal record during his stay in Uganda.

In his affidavit seen by a reporter to Daily Monitor, stated that Mr. Wim is entitled to fair treatment and due process before an administrative body and/or any person, and also has a right to be heard.

The affidavit further reads, “The applicant has never committed any offence or criminal act under the laws of Uganda and neither is he responsible for breaking any law. That there’s no lawful reason whatsoever for his deportation. That it is in the interest of justice that his deportation be quashed.”

The Belgian citizen, Mr. Wim Vanhelleputte is said to have married a Ugandan citizen Ms. Barbara Adoso Vanhelleputte in April 29th, 2000 and to-date have two kids Vanhelleputte Jonathan aged, 17 and Vanhelleputte Jason, 13.

With all this, Mr. Wim wants the High Court in Kampala to declare that his deportation by the Internal Affairs Minister Gen. Jeje Odongo, was arbitrary, irrational and illegal. He further said he wants the government to compensate the general damages for illegal detention and deportation and any other relief that court shall deem fit.

To recall, Mr. Wim was deported three weeks after three of MTN Uganda’s senior staff including; Olivier Prentout (French), Annie Bilenge Tabura (Rwandese) and Ms. Elsa Mussolini (Italy)were deported on the same allegations of comprising national security.

According to SoftPower, Mr. Wim stayed in contact with the deported staff members — which he admitted to doing so. According to security officials, what the MTN boss doing was obstructing investigations in matters concerning with national security — resulting to his deportation.


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